All Chocolate Chip Everything! Care Package

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Due to high demand, orders placed from 05/05/2020 to 05/10/20 will be shipped (freshly baked that day, of course) on May 12th.
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Cheer someone's day up with our All Chocolate Chip Everything! Care Package! For 99% of the population, nothing will bring them back to simpler, innocent times like a chocolae chip cookie, which, frankly, we need a lot of in 2020.

The All Chocolate Chip Everything Care Packages comes with 3 half-dozen containers of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (or 3 2-pound containers of frozen cookie dough), and it's been know to turn the nastiest frowns upside down!

All our care packages come packed with a full cup of confetti, colorful ribbons on each container and a custom, hand-written note. Also, shipping is included!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review