Apple Pie Cookie

$36.00 / Box of 12


individually wrapped for up to 3 weeks of freshness!

Product Overview

A classic apple pie in the shape of a cookie, with fresh green apple chunks.

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Our Apple Pie Cookie is all you will ever need! 

We did it again! We managed to transform an all-American Classic dessert into a delicious cookie! Our Apple Pie Cookie is the perfect cookie for this 4th of July, it has fresh apple chunks and creamy caramel chips. Deliciously crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! Let this cookie transport you to your local county fair! 

A limited-edition flavor that truly shouldn’t be missed! 

Ingredients + Allergen Information


  • Made in a kitchen,
    not a factory

  • Cookies just like
    grandma used to make

  • No premixes, no trans-fats,
    no preservatives