Fudgiest Brownies Ever (THNKS)

$39.00 / Box of 10


free 2-day shipping when you order 2 boxes (24 cookies)!

individually wrapped for up to 3 weeks of freshness!

Product Overview

10 Belgian chocolate fudgy brownies with a hint of coffee!

Just when you though that Wunderkeks couldn’t get any better, we came up with the creamiest, silkiest, and Fudgiest Brownies Ever! 

This creamy dark Belgian chocolate treat will quickly become one of your favorites. Picture this… a nice warm and fudgy brownie paired with some vanilla bean ice cream, HEAVEN! Side-Effects: Hallelujah sounds after the first bite!

Ingredients + Allergen Information


  • Made in a kitchen,
    not a factory

  • Cookies just like
    grandma used to make

  • No premixes, no trans-fats,
    no preservatives