Cornbread Cookie (THNKS)

$39.00 / Box of 12


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individually wrapped for up to 3 weeks of freshness!

Product Overview

Buttery sweet cornbread cookie with corn flakes and corn pops cereal.

Who said cornbread couldn’t get any better? Introducing our Sweet Cornbread Cookie!

A southern classic has been completely reimagined by the wizards and fairies in the Wunderkeks’ kitchen into a Sweet Cornbread Cookie! Everything you love about cornbread now in the form of a cookie, delicious corn flour combined with corn flakes and corn pops cereal. A crunchy cookie that has the perfect cornbread grainy texture that we are sure will transport you to your grandmother’s Thanksgiving dinner table and bring that inner child out to play! 

Let this cookie be part of the celebration and WOW your family and friends with an individually packaged Wunderkeks cookie! 

Ingredients + Allergen Information


  • Made in a kitchen,
    not a factory

  • Cookies just like
    grandma used to make

  • No premixes, no trans-fats,
    no preservatives