Pecan Pie Cookie

$39.00 / Box of 12


individually wrapped for up to 3 weeks of freshness!

Product Overview

Traditional southern pecan pie in a cookie, an instant classic.

Our new Pecan Pie Cookie is something to be thankful for! 

Tell your family that this year you’ll be bringing the pecan pie, not just any pecan pie, but Wunderkeks’ brand-new Pecan Pie Cookie! This delicious fall treat has taken a whole different twist and has been transformed into a cookie! A classic like you’ve never seen before, this cookie is perfect for pecan lovers. Crunchy and chunky for your delight, it has fresh pecan halves covered in delicious dark brown sugar! 

This limited-edition flavor will truly bring the magic to this Thanksgiving season! 

Ingredients + Allergen Information


  • Made in a kitchen,
    not a factory

  • Cookies just like
    grandma used to make

  • No premixes, no trans-fats,
    no preservatives